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Air Wings Android/Iphone released!

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Air Wings – Released

In Air Wings, you tilt the device to control a A-10 Thunderbolt though the sky to collect as many balloons as you can before it is destroyed by his enemies.You’ll have to dodge A4 Skyhawk, Vulcans airplane, missile enemies, and also the monstrous Boeing 757.Be especially careful with the black clouds, they are terrible.Not conflict with the Boeing 757, he is a passenger plane.
If there is a collision you will be penalized with loss of points.But do not worry, during your journey you will be presented with several items that will be unlocked according to their skill to pilot. These items are very important to your progress.Embark on this adventure and see if you can unlock the secret items.Would you do it?Challenge your friends to be better than you.*** 3 difficulty levels
*** OpenFeint ready
*** Many achievements items
*** Leaderboards



Air Wings Menu  Air Wings Game 1  Air Wings Game 2


Air Wings Android market link for the full version

Air Wings Lite Android market link for the lite version



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